Dixie Fire – 8/22/2021

7:30 pm UPDATE:
Here are heat maps for Genesee Valley from 5:30pm on August 22, 2021. Fire continues to back into Genesee Valley. Not much else to report on the fire. The fire east of Highlands appears to have not crossed Highway 36 and the fire near Mill Creek looks to be cooling down.



There was some minor fire spread south along the Escarpment.



The largest area of fire spread today appears to be around Summit Lake in Lassen Park. Some firing took place yesterday near Butte Lake.



The Dixie Fire continues to back into Genesee Valley. IR mapping is from August 21, 2021 at 8:45pm. White line shows fire spread in the past 24 hours. Blue areas show the 2019 Walker Fire.



Some spread toward Milford yesterday afternoon, but the Janesville side of the fire is looking pretty good.



Fredonyer Summit looks like it is holding.



Some firing northeast of Butte Lake. Not much else going on on north side of fire right now.



Minor fire spread above Mill Creek, but looking pretty good on the flat ground there.



A bit of heat around Wilson Lake pushing back toward the east, north of Fire Mountain Lodge.