Fire Management in the Ishi Wilderness/Lassen Foothills

We have been covering the Graham Fire for past 2 days, and made a video about this fire which also gives an overview of some of the challenges of managing wildfires in the almost 1 million acres of the “Lassen Foothills” between Red Bluff and Cohasset Ridge, and between the Sacramento Valley and Lassen Volcanic … Read more

New Fire in the Ishi Wilderness/Lassen Foothills

6/9/2022 – 8pm There is a small fire burning north of Cohasset in the Lassen Foothills. The Lassen Foothills is the name for the region generally bounded by Highway 32 and Highway 36, between the Sacramento Valley and Lassen Peak/Lake Almanor. Deer, Mill, and Antelope Creeks are the major drainages in this area. Ishi Wilderness … Read more

Dixie Fire Stories Interview

I did an interview a couple months ago with Joanne BurgueƱo, a photographer who helps run the Dixie Fire Stories page on Facebook. They have been running multi-part interviews, with photos, with people who went thru the Dixie Fire in one way or another. Here it is: My name is Zeke Lunder. I’m a geographer … Read more

Good Fire Out There

As things move slowly here during winter, I thought I’d take some time and share some of the materials that are out there about Good Fire. Here are a few worthy offerings. The first is a short video about fire-adapted forests in Oregon and a prescribed burning TREX in Oregon put out by The Nature … Read more