Firing Operations During the 2021 Dixie Fire

This article was written as the million-acre Dixie Fire neared its conclusion, in September 2021. Many bad things happened during the two months of action during this firefight, and much of the fire’s growth was affected by fire put on the ground during firefighting. Firing operations are one of the main tools firefighters have at … Read more

Wildfire 101

This piece comes to us from Brè Orcasitas. Brè is the author of The Evolving Nomad blog site and a wildland firefighter with 16 years of experience which includes: Engine Crew, Hotshot Crew, Helicopter Rappeller, Smokejumper, and Field Operations Specialist. Wildfire 101 When you spend your life hiking around steep hillsides, digging in the dirt and … Read more

Wildfire Drones & Aerial Firing – August 30, 2022 Livestream

In today’s livestream, we talked about new developments in the use of drones for monitoring and backfiring during wildfires. This is part of a longer daily update video on firing ops on the Six Rivers Lightning Complex and new growth on the Rum Creek Fire.

More information on the drone being used click here.



McKinney and Yeti Fires – August 5, 2022

     McKinney and Yeti fires Maps: Zeke Lunder Captions: Ryan Stephens Yeti photos and on the ground Yeti fire info: Jamie Allen Table of Contents:   Zeke’s Video Briefing on YouTube McKinney and Yeti Fire Weather Forecast McKinney Fire Yeti Fire McKinney and Yeti Fire Weather Forecast: —McKinney Fire— To better understand what’s … Read more

Southern Sierra Fires – 10/3/2021

KNP COMPLEX Maps and commentary by Ryan Stephens Overview looking northeast over the KNP Complex: The Key in the upper left corner of the map explains color shading in regards to heat intensity within the KNP Complex perimeter. Red dots show isolated heat. White perimeter line around the fire was yesterday’s fire perimeter. Giant Sequoia Groves are … Read more

Southern Sierra Fires – 9/29/2021

SOUTHERN SIERRA FIRES MAP KEY: The RED shaded areas at center of the map are our current Windy and KNP fire perimeters, The Tule River Reservation is shaded BROWN, Giant Sequoia Groves are shaded LIGHT GREEN, the past 10 years of Rx fires are shaded DARK BLUE, and LIGHT BLUE shows the past 20 years … Read more

Southern Sierra Fires – 9/28/2021

WINDY FIRE Commentary by Sequoia National Forest  –  Lookout Maps and Captions by Ryan Stephens LOOKOUT MAP KEY: Windy Fire footprint – RED PERIMETER LINE to WHITE LINE shows approximately 24 hours of growth, RED DOTS are isolated heat sources, Tule River Reservation is SHADED BROWN, Giant Sequoia Groves are SHADED GREEN, all of the … Read more

Southern Sierra Fires – 9/26/2021

***September 26 at 11:30am, Commentary from Chuck Ervin Windy mid-day update. While I was writing on KNP this morning, the Windy was making a major push up toward Tobias Peak.  About 4:30am the fire overran the communication site at Tobias peak, visible on the remote cameras stationed there.  It appears from the timelapse footage that … Read more

Dixie Fire – 9/1/2021

9/1/2021, 6pm Update: Here is some afternoon infrared from Dixie. The southeast side of the fire, west of Milford, has been very active for several days. Strong SW winds have blown the fire about 20 miles northeast, growing the Dixie by about 65,000 acres in three days. The fire was about six miles from Highway … Read more