Dixie Fire – 9/9/2021

9/9/2021 at 3:30pm

Here is IR mapping of the northwest corner of the fire, from 12:18pm on September 9.

Some heat showing outside of yesterday’s spot fire near Butte Lake.

EARLIER: 9/9/2021 at noon

Here is the 10:30am 9/9/2021 perimeter for the northwest corner of Dixie, near Old Station showing spread since 8pm on September.

At 1:00pm, a large heat-signature was visible on the GOES-17 weather satellite.

Today’s forecasts warn of potential for critical fire spread conditions.

9/9/2021 at 7am

Here is a video briefing on the situation on the northwest corner of the Dixie Fire using mapping from 8pm on September 8. The southeast corner of the fire has been fairly quiet past two days, and no new spread was mapped here in past 24 hours.
Below the video are some heat maps from 8pm on September 8 from Lookout correspondent ‘Tumbleweed.’

Heat maps from 9/8/2021 at 8 pm.

North arrow is in bottom-right of all maps. Looking southeast over the northwest corner of fire, near Old Station, California.

Looking southwest over the northwest corner of fire. The finger of fire in the foreground ran two miles between 4:45pm and 8pm on September 8. Note the spot fires two miles out in front of fire.

On the southeast side, this view looks northwest over Milford at areas which burned a couple weeks ago. Green shows ‘Contained Line.’ Red lines aren’t showing any significant heat, but mopup has not been completed enough for firefighters to completely walk away.

Looking west over Herlong Junction. Purple is 2021 Beckwourth Fire.

Looking north over Dixie Mountain. This area of the fire did not spread in the past 24 hours before mapping.

Looking north over Genesee. Red lines are ‘uncontained.’