Dixie Fire – 8/4/2021 – Evening

I don’t really know how to write about any of this. Today was terrible for everyone involved – from expats living away watching the awful IR webcams to the people who had to run for their lives. The losses in Plumas County are pretty staggering and personal.

Greenville felt the full force of the Dixie Fire this evening.

Chester seems to have largely dodged a bullet so far, much like Greenville thought they might have yesterday, but the extreme weather is not letting up, and there is still a chance Chester could get hit from another angle in next couple of days, or even in the time I am writing this, 2.5 hours later.

These maps snapshot an incredible and pretty incomprehensible scene. I’m not sure exactly what time the imagery was captured – it has the timestamp 6:15 pm on it for both Greenville and Chester…

Damage inspection is a really political, bureaucratic, and personal topic and it is best left to the experts. I won’t post pictures of burned houses or any sort of damage information on this website. I don’t know whose houses survived – the intel I share here is as much as I get. I’m really sad for you if you lost your place today, and extra sorry if you find out about it looking at this post on the internet. But in the interest of posting the best information I can share, here are the latest infrared maps from Greenville and Chester.

Chester, looking west at 6:15 pm, 8/4/2021

Chester, looking south toward Black Forest Lodge at 6:15 pm, 8/4/2021. Causeway in the foreground.

Looking north over Chester at 6:15 pm. Collins Pine Mill is right between the finger of fire and Highway 36,

Looking North of Greenville, around 6:15 pm on 8/4/2021.

Looking north over Greenville toward Pecks Valley and Williams Valley Road at around 6:15pm on 8/4/2021.

Looking north toward Westwood and Keddie Ridge at around 6:15 pm, 8/4/2021