Caldor Fire – 9/5/2021 Morning Update

Above is a quick video about how forest thinning projects helped firefighters contain portions of the Dixie and Caldor Fires. If it is too chunky, maybe wait a few minutes for YouTube to post the HD version. Also, I’m aware about the missing audio. The missing section of audio shows different results of thinning along highways. I’ll post a fixed version when I get a minute, otherwise, you can skip to 6:55 if you want.



Here are overnight heat maps from about 11:30pm on September 4. These were made by a Lookout contributor/volunteer who goes by the name of ‘Tumbleweed.’

He says, “I’ll won’t be updating the west side as it is essentially all black lined” and “I’ve removed all the scattered/isolated heat visuals for clarity.”

Click maps for larger images. White line shows 24 hours fire spread,



Looking over Highway 50/Kyburz, still some heat



Looking north over Sierra at Tahoe.



Echo Lake Basin looking south. A lot of work being done in this area.



Tahoe basin looking south. Head still is hot, but it looks like they are really putting in the effort mopping up here.



Still some heat on the south side of the east zone. Looking north.



The same on the south side of the upper east finger. Looking northwest.



Lower east finger shows hot, minimal spread, some spots. Looking northwest.



A little got across 88 on the southern flank. Looking north.