9/4/2021 – Caldor Heat Maps

I’m catching up on sleep and got some mapping help from a fellow who goes by Tumbleweed on one of the fire intel forums I follow. Here are his IR maps for Caldor, using data from 11:15pm on September 3, 2021. Thanks, Tumbleweed!

Looking north over Meyers. White line shows 24 hours of fire spread — not much movement on the fire here.



Looking south over Meyers.



Looking south over the head of the fire on Trimmer Peak.



Looking south over Echo Lake.



Looking east over head of fire.



Looking west over Echo Lake.



Looking west over Cody Lake, where fire continues to spread to the south out of Station Creek.



Looking west over Kirkwood. White line is 24 hour growth.



Looking west over Silver Lake – there was a finger of fire spread toward Highway 88 near Tragedy Spring.



Some scattered heat on south side of fire, but generally cooling off.



Looking southeast over White Hall. Some scattered heat.



Looking southeast over Kyburz.



Looking north over Highway 50, Wrights Lake in mid-left. Not much spread here. There are two sets of dozer lines between fire and Wrights Lake.



Detailed view of Echo Lake, looking southwest.