Good Fire Out There

As things move slowly here during winter, I thought I’d take some time and share some of the materials that are out there about Good Fire. Here are a few worthy offerings.

The first is a short video about fire-adapted forests in Oregon and a prescribed burning TREX in Oregon put out by The Nature Conservancy:

The second is a PDF brochure that is available for download. It’s called Good Fire–Current Barriers to the Expansion of Cultural Burning and Prescribed Fire in California and Recommended Solutions put out by the Karuk Tribe in Northern California (2021). This full color brochure is nicely made with term definitions and explanation of Native-specific issues. There are a ton of references if you want to delve into the science and policy issues.

Karuk Prescribed Fire Brochure

Lastly, The Nature Conservancy put out this full-color brochure, called Wildfires and Forest Resilience: the case for ecological forestry in the Sierra Nevada in 2019. There’s been two big fires years since then, but the information is still mainly relevant. And they talk about drought which is more the norm than the exception these days. It includes some great diagrams, good for explaining the basic concepts of how thinning and prescribed burn can reduce catastrophic fires.



We are working on many of our own projects here at The Lookout, as we begin 2022, so stay tuned, and Happy New Year!