Interview with a Veteran Wildland Firefighter

Zeke sat down with Jim Klump, who is a veteran wildland firefighter, old-school Redding Smokejumper and was the District Fire Management Officer on the Plumas National Forest for 25 years. They talked about the intersection of fire and forestry, land management, people, leadership, and history. The interview took place in May 2022.

They also talked about PTSD, firefighting tactics, landscape-scale backfiring operations, climate change, immigration, the culture of the Forest Service in the 1960-present, and prospects for the survival of our wildfire-threatened rural communities.

This multimedia video features Google Earth map animations, historic aerial photos, historic photos from UC Davis and CSU, Chico, and aerial video from the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center.



Dixie Fire Stories Interview

I did an interview a couple months ago with Joanne BurgueƱo, a photographer who helps run the Dixie Fire Stories page on Facebook. They have been running multi-part interviews, with photos, with people who went thru the Dixie Fire in one way or another. Here it is: My name is Zeke Lunder. I’m a geographer … Read more