Evening Update and Wildfire Q&A – September 10, 2022

Evening Update – Mosquito, Mountain & Cedar Creek Wildfires – September 10, 2022 This video gives an update on fire spread of the fires, above, and has an extended Q&A session with Zeke Lunder answering a wide range of questions on wildland firefighting topics including: Why don’t we fly air tankers in heavy smoke or … Read more

Cedar Creek and California Wildfires – September 10, 2022

California and Cedar Creek Wildfires – September 10, 2022 Mosquito, Fairview, Forward & Cedar Creek Mosquito Fire – 10am Update If you watched our Mosquito Fire livestream this morning (September 10, 2022), the 7:45am IR flight shows the following developments since the 10pm imagery used in our YouTube presentation. Color key: Green dots are structures. … Read more

Cedar Creek, Rum Creek and SoCal Fire Updates – September 6, 2022 Video

New heat maps for the Mountain Fire, near Gazelle. We check in on the stubborn Rum Creek Fire, and take a look at the Cedar Creek Fire, east of Oakridge, Oregon. Also, we duck down to Southern California to look at their new fires, and talk about wildfire severity, and mapping tools we use to analyze fire effects.