Oak Fire – July 26, 2022

OAK FIRE – July 26, 2022

By: Ryan Cowper Stephens

*Our Lookout fire maps are high resolution. Click the maps to open them in a separate window, there you can zoom and scroll around the map to take a closer look around the fire. This is especially helpful to know while viewing our maps on cell phones*


PROGRESSION MAP FOR 9:42PM – 11:05AM 7/26/2022:

Minimal fire growth over the past 13 hours around the #OAKFIRE. Red perimeter to white perimeter is roughly 21 hours fire growth. Mapping data captured by FIRIS @ 9:42PM last night and 11:05AM today.


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#OakFire 21 hour progression map: Red perimeter to white perimeter is roughly 21 hours fire growth. Red fill represents most recent IR data captured last night 07/25/2022 @ 9:42pm PDT. White line perimeter inside the fire was the captured approximately 21 hours prior. The fire is cooling off along the west and south perimeters. Some activity between Sweetwater ridge and Apperson Mine Rd. Also some activity on the east side as the fire backs down into Devil’s Gulch.

Cal Fire’s daily progression map:

#OakFire daily progression 7/23-7/25, 2022.

Cal Fire’s contingency map:

#OakFire Contingency map. Shows barriers to the fire, such as hand line, dozer lines, roads, fuel breaks etc. both completed and planned.

Let’s take a walk around and take a look at the north and east sides of the fire, where the fire has been most active. Beginning in the northwest on the Sweetwater ridge and moving clockwise around the fire to Lushmeadows:

Sweetwater ridge and Apperson Mine rd:

Looking south over the #OakFire. The perimeter continues to grow between the Sweetwater ridge and Apperson Mine Rd. within the Ferguson fire footprint. Refer to today’s Cal Fire contingency map to see where control lines are located in this area.


Looking south over the #OakFire on the north end of Jerseydale. The fire is cooling off along Bear Clover Rd. The perimeter expanded by about 1/2 mile along Snyder ridge (area of growth in the upper left of the map).

Devil’s Gulch:

Looking southwest toward the #OakFire as the fire back down into Devil’s Gulch..