Cedar Creek and California Wildfires – September 10, 2022

California and Cedar Creek Wildfires – September 10, 2022

Mosquito, Fairview, Forward & Cedar Creek

Mosquito Fire – 10am Update

If you watched our Mosquito Fire livestream this morning (September 10, 2022), the 7:45am IR flight shows the following developments since the 10pm imagery used in our YouTube presentation.
Color key:
Green dots are structures.
Yellowish orange is perimeter at 2am on September 9, 2022
Peach is perimeter at 10am on September 9, 2022
Red is perimeter at 10 pm on September 9, 2022
Purple is 7:45am on September 9, 2022.
Solid purple is intense heat. Outline is fire perimeter.
Looking over Georgetown Fire Station 63 toward east. Volcanoville Road runs across center of image. Wentworth Springs Road on right.
Looking South over Foresthill Road. Foresthill is on right. Fire is established in Volcano Canyon, above Mosquito Road, on left of map. Some upcanyon spread here in Volcano Canyon off of Bath Road. No new spread into Foresthill overnight.
View below is to east, over Volcanoville. The fire appears to have slopped over into the canyon on right-center of map. Firing operation on the road in the upper right did not spread upslope overnight. Firing operations on the ridge south of Foresthill appear to have held overnight.

Mosquito Fire Weather Spot Forecast:


Mosquito Operations Map:

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Cedar Creek Fire

Cedar Creek Progression Map:

Cedar Creek East Zone Operations Map: