Mosquito Fire – September 13, 2022

September 13 at 10am:

Forecasted to have less smoke hanging around the fire today. Inversion could lift early and increase fire behavior.

Data from last night’s infrared flight was spotty due to heavy smoke and not worth interpretation. Overnight, firing operations were completed between Buckeye Peak to the American River. The fire was most active on the north and east sides.

Today’s progression maps are from IR yesterday (September 12) at approximately 1pm. Check back this afternoon! We will update you with new maps as soon as we get better IR. Also, we’ll have a livestream (or at least a video) for you this evening around 8pm.

{Retraction} In this video, I ranted about how if the Placer County Sequoia Grove burned in this fire it would be our fault for keeping fire out of it for so long. Turns out, people have been doing fuels work in there. My apologies. We’ll follow up on this.


Mosquito Fire – September 13, 2022

Maps and Commentary: Ryan Cowper Stephens

Map key:
Green dots are structures.
Beginning with the outside perimeter of the fire and working our way in:
The ORANGE outside ring is from 1pm on September 12, 2022
The BLUE center ring is from 1pm September 8.
Overview of the Mosquito Fire.


Looking east at backing fire from firing ops happening between Foresthill and Volcanoville on the south side of the American River Canyon.


The fire is creeping closer to the Big Trees Grove. As of 1pm yesterday, the fire was a little over three miles from the grove. Lots of people have been interested to know what is happening to protect the Big Trees. Although we haven’t found any information regarding current suppression tactics, we have been doing some digging around to learn what kinds of fuels management the grove has received in recent years. As we’ve learned from fires in the South Sierra, previous fuels management treatments can make or break the resiliency of wildfires burning through a Sequoia grove. Stay tuned, we’ll let you know what we learn once our research is complete.


The longest run on the fire yesterday was one mile. Fire progressed to the east about a mile, between Lynchberg Hill and Tanners Point. Note, this is in the direction of the Big Trees Grove.


8/13 Fire Weather Forecast:

8/13 Fire Behavior Forecast: