Mosquito Fire – September 14, 2022

September 14 at 7am – Fire made big moves yesterday. Our livestream last night detailed the Mosquito Fire‘s spread toward Foresthill and east, with extended Q&A on forestry, prescribed fire, and how fuel and weather conditions yesterday helped prevent the fire from jumping Foresthill Road. 


In the Evening Update, footage from today: We went out to the north side of the Mosquito Fire today. We share video and talk about what we learned about fire behavior in the 2013 American Fire burn scar.


Mosquito Fire – September 14, 2022

Maps and Commentary: Ryan Cowper Stephens


Map key:
Green dots are structures.
Green lines are piwerlines
Beginning with the outside perimeter of the fire and working our way in:
The DARK RED outside ring is from this morning at 6am, September 14, 2022
The BLUE center ring is from 1pm, September 8, 2022
Mosquito Fire Progression Map


Looking southeast over Foresthill. The fire made a big push, spotting over the American River and running nearly two miles, all the way up the canyon to Foresthill Road, east of Sierra View Lane. Fire appears to have crossed Sierra View Lane between Foresthill Road and Patent Road, and is seen on the map in the trees behind Foresthill Divide School.


Another look at the spot fire run yesterday. Spot is seen in dark Red on the north side of the American River.


Firing operation off Foresthill Road, all the way down to Deadwood Road. It appears to be holding as of 6am this morning.


Fire continued marching east yesterday. A firing operation is seen on the left side of the map off Foresthill Road.


Looking east up the Middle Fork of the American River, and over Cuckoo Ridge, Peavine Ridge, Tanners Point and Lynchburg Hill. Firing operations seen along Peavine Point Road on the far right side of the map.


Looking southeast at the Interbay Dam and associated power lines.



Looking west. Lots of place names to help identify precise location of the fire. Spot fires seen around power lines near Brushy Canyon. Fire ran over two miles east up Long Canyon.


Mosquito Fire Weather Forecast:

Mosquito Fire Behavior Forecast: