Mosquito Fire – September 18, 2022

Things got a little squirrelly yesterday on the east side of the fire, but this morning’s top story is RAIN!



Mosquito Fire – September 18, 2022

Maps & Intel: Ryan Cowper Stephens

As we saw on the McKinney fire this year, rain over a wildfire creates new hazards.  An extreme example of this can be seen on one of Zeke’s Twitter posts about the McKinney Fire. Back in August, a storm cell dropped about 3″ of rain in a very short amount of time and a Lookout reader submitted some intense video footage of the aftermath:

Lookout Mosquito Maps:

Map key:
Previous wildfires that may have influenced fire behavior are seen in YELLOW
GREEN lines are powerlines
The RED perimeter of the fire is from 4pm, September 17
The WHITE perimeter is from 8pm, September 16
Hopefully this will be our final Mosquito Fire overview map!


Looking northeast, this map shows fire spread yesterday on the northeast portion of the fire. Most of the action was within the American Fire footprint.


Looking southwest, there was some growth in the Middle Fork American River around the Hydro Power Plant and associated power lines. Also, areas of growth elsewhere on the southeast area of the fire, but luckily, nothing too substantial.