California Flood Watch – January 2nd, 2023

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As a community-focused news source, our top priority is to keep our readers informed. While most of you know of The Lookout through our coverage of wildfires, we also have decades of professional mapping experience on water-related project here in California, and a large library of mapping data for the State’s water and flood management infrastructure.

With recent weather forecasts predicting heavy rainfall and potential flood conditions, we will sharing updates here on The Lookout and retweeting relevant information from local authorities and weather experts. Our Twitter feeds are the best place to keep up on our most current intel. and

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We have been compiling publicly-available GIS mapping data for flood control and water management infrastructure for use in our coverage. Here is an example of some of the data we are using at The Lookout.

Weather update for week of January 2, 2023:

Forecasters are predicting consecutive atmospheric rivers to hit the state over the next two weeks. This string of storms could lead to significant rainfall and widespread flooding.

This is a developing situation and we want to make sure our followers are informed and prepared for the possibility of widespread flooding. We will be monitoring flood conditions and updating our website and social media with information to help keep you informed.



California flood control systems are being put to the test:

In the recent days, we’ve seen levee breaches and flooding in some areas of California.

Flood Maps for Chico, California:

Our founder, Zeke Lunder, posted a series of maps on his twitter looking at the flood control system in his hometown of Chico. Read the whole thread here: