Caldor Fire – 8/21/2021

Hello, If you are just visiting The Lookout for the first time, please check out my intro from yesterday, and the ‘About The Lookout‘ page. Full fire weather and fire behavior forecasts at bottom of this page.

3:00pm UPDATE:
The Caldor Fire is making major runs to the east today. Between 8pm last night and 2pm today the fire has run roughly two miles, mostly downhill. It was starting major upslope run toward Bald Mountain at 2pm.
The maps below are updated with heat mapping from 2pm on August 21, 2021.

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These maps below were made from aerial mapping flights conducted on August 20 at 8:20pm. The white line shows 24 hours of fire growth. Today’s official fire weather and fire behavior forecasts are at the bottom of this page.




This image shows private timberlands impacted by, and in the path of, the Caldor Fire. (White overlay)