Caldor Fire – 9/6/2021

9/6/2021 at 9am

Here is an update from Lookout contributor ‘Tumbleweed,’  retired wildland fire captain.

IR from 2341 (11:41pm) last night. Isolated heat has been removed for clarity. Clear areas do not indicate no heat. There are many reasons for heat not showing on IR runs. Only eyes on the ground can determine when it is safe to enter an area.

Faint white line indicates previous fire perimeter

Above 50 at Kyburz/Strawberry. Finally the top has started to cool down (relatively).



They’ve reduced the evacuation order to an advisory in South Lake Tahoe, but as you can see there is still plenty of heat near the county areas. They are still on mandatory evacs. It looks like they’ve pretty much boxed in the head of the fire. Good job!


Looking north over the SLT Basin. Not expanding much, but there are still some pockets of intense heat.


Looking north over the upper finger. What little growth did occur seemed to be mainly here and the next two images.


Looking west over the lower finger. This area has also finally started to cool down from previous.


Looking northwest over Silver Lake. Hard on the ankles walking over all that rock.