Mosquito Fire – September 16, 2022

Firing operations went well last night and no issues were reported around the fire. Yesterday saw moderate areas of growth on the northern, southwestern and eastern end of the fire. A little dryer and warmer today but more or less similar conditions around the fire as we saw yesterday are expected. Tomorrow we’re expecting big changes in the weather. Dry southwest winds, 25 mph on the ridge tops, will pick up ahead of what we hope will be a good soaking rain on Sunday.


Mosquito Fire – September 16, 2022

Livestream: Zeke Lunder
Maps & Intel: Ryan Cowper Stephens

On The Lookout Livestream last night, we talk about potential fire effects from the Mosquito Fire, and share ideas for putting prescribed fire back in our forests. We conclude with a sneak peak at a video about landowner burning in Butte County, California.


Map key:
Green dots are structures.
Previous wildfires that may influence fire behavior are seen in YELLOW
The  RED perimeter of the fire is from 8pm, September 15, 2022
The WHITE perimeter is from 6pm, September 14, 2022
Overview of the Mosquito Fire. Firing Operations are wrapping up today on the northwest portion of the fire, near Foresthill. Fire spread is seen along the majority of the eastern side of the fire. A tiny red dot is seen center right of the fire in the map, that would be a firing operation in the Placer Giant Trees Grove.


Looking northeast near Foresthill. Only 10 more acres of firing today and then this portion of the fire is expected to be wrapping up!

Firing operations along Foresthill Road and Deadwood Lane. is building good depth of black. Everything within the target area is looking good.

Fire continued chunking east. A tiny red firing operation is seen in the Placer Big Trees Grove (center left).


Fire keeps moving east up the American River Canyon. A hydro power plant and associated power lines (green lines) are seen in a less than ideal spot given the upcoming wind event.


North Ops:

South Ops:

Fire Weather Forecast:

Fire Behavior Forecast: