Anvil Fire and NW California Fires – 9/17/2023

The Anvil Fire has been burning for about 3 weeks just inland of Port Orford, Oregon. It spread slowly for the first two weeks, but in the past several days, it has seen major growth. We look at the geography of the fire, and review detailed maps of its recent movements.

We also look at maps of recent fire spread of fires on the Klamath and Six Rivers National Forests, and talk about how recent hot, dry, breezy weather has (or hasn’t) affected fire behavior.

The video, above, has chapters. Hover over the scroll bar to see them, or click on the YouTube icon to see the video in YouTube, where it is easier to jump to hte fire you want. Thanks always to everyone who participates in the Livestreams. We answer questions if we can during the Livestreams. If we don’t get to yours, ask it in a comment on the video once it is posted to YouTube.

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Cover photo from Anvil/Flat Fire Information Facebook Page.